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Let Dr. The Signal install a security system you can rely on

Do you need a security camera system or an alarm systems? Do you need footage you can access 24/7. Dr The Signal offers the latest technology in residential and commercial security. We consult, install and repair security cameras and security systems for your property to ensure you have access to footage no matter what device or screen you are using.

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Install Hikvision Systems for Your Commercial Space

Whether you have an office building, loading dock or a laboratory, a security system is a must to monitor any potential break-ins or vandalism. Hikvision offers security camera systems that take advantage of remote-access control and zero monthly fees. Install multiply NVR cameras in your facilities by our professionals at Dr The Signal.

With over 11 years of experience in the industry our professional bring you the expertise you need to efficiently install, repair and maintain and video surveillance system that best meets your needs!

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Next-Gen Secuity Cameras For Your Home

With the advancement in the speed of the internet today, daily devices and appliances have began to advantage of it connectivity. That being said, you should expect more from you surveillance system. Contact Dr The Signal to get cloud-connected Nest security cameras installed in your home for the safety of your family, your valuables and property.

As a new age consumer, Nest cameras are designed to provide additional benefits and features that you can expect to keep your modern home and lifestyle safe. In addition to that the Nest systems you purchase from us also come with carbon monoxide sensors as well! Although monthly fees are applicable, our consultants and professionals ensure that your installation is customized to your needs and gives you the best benefits from the system for your budget!

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