How to Deal With an Intruder in Your Home

How to stay safe when confronted with an intruder

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Many homeowners will prefer not to even think about home burglars –however, the best time to consider what to do in an intruder situation is probably before it occurs, don’t you agree?  Having a plan and thinking about the possible ways to confront, hide or flee from the intruder ahead of time can stop the intruder from completing their mission or at least help you avoid getting hurt.

Most burglars will break into your home to steal items that they can easily grab and run –jewelry, electronics, cash, and other small expensive items. Most of them don’t break in with the intention of harming the home-owner, but some might have more sinister goals. Here are some effective tips on how to deal with an intruder breaking into your home.

1.    If you can leave, run!

 If your home security system includes an alarm or live security cameras, you will know when the burglar attempts to break in. Sometimes it could just be a neighbor checking on you or a family member who has forgotten the security code. But unless you have a live home security camera and can clearly see them, you don’t what to stick around to find out if they mean business.  

In case you’re near an exit and can safely leave without the burglar seeing you, run. If you’re in the leaving room and you hear someone breaking in through the garage door or basement window, exit using the opposite door, go to your neighbor and alert the police.

2.    Hide if you can’t leave

If the burglar is breaking in through the only exit or they’ve already broken in, you might not have an opportunity to get out unnoticed. In this case, you should hide into a room or closet with a lockable door. Barricade the door with heavy furniture and call 911. If you don’t have a cellphone with you, don’t make a noise –wait until you’re sure the intruder has left before unlocking the door.

For future preparations, consider setting up a “safe room” –this could be a small room or a closet that bolts from the inside. If you can, equip the room with some snacks, water, and an emergency cellphone. Let all your family members know about it.

If the intruder is already in your home, try to not to draw attention to yourself by all means. Avoid any temptations of shouting warnings and things like “I am calling the police”, “I have a gun” or screaming to alert the neighbors. I know this might be tempting to do, and it has actually worked in a few times, however, for the most part, it might simply irritate the intruder, making them hurt you.

3.    If You Encounter The Intruder, Stay Calm

In case you come face-to-face with the intruder, stay calm and maintain a positive attitude of cooperation. Raise your hands shoulder-high and promise to remain calm and compliant. Shouting things like “I have called the police” will only make the intruder violent. Speak in a low voice and don’t make eye contact –again, I know it’s tempting, but don’t look at their face. If they ask you where your safe, money or other valuables are, tell them. A few replaceable items are not worth risking your life for.

4.    Plan Ahead

Other than setting up a safe room, there is a lot more you can do in advance to frustrate the burglar’s break-in attempts. Your best line of defense is to install a home security system that includes security cameras and alarms. Some systems come with smart features such as smart door locks, smart lights, motion detectors, smart video doorbells, etc. Homes with a home security system are less likely to be broken into , and if it happens, you can monitor and even record everything to the liking of the state police.

Bottom line 

Home burglary is increasingly becoming common, and planning how to deal with a potential break-in situation in advance can save you from loss of property, harm, and frustration.  Other than running, hiding or staying calm,  installing a professional home security system by a security systems company can help you to monitor, deter and even capture a potential intrude before they accomplish their mission –you should give it a try.

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