5 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Security and Burglar Proof Your Home

Crime reports and statistics show that 88% of all burglaries are residential in nature. Out of these, only 13% are cleared by police due to lack of physical evidence or witnesses. It’s even more worrying to note that 3 out of 4 homes in the U.S. will be broken into within the next 20 years. These are clearly worrying statistics, and the more reason you need to burglar-proof your home.

 A secure home is a happy home. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to keep burglars away. There’re numerous inexpensive ways of keeping your homes safe from burglars, and here’re the top 5 we would like to share today.   


  1.    Upgrading the Locks and Latches on Gates, Doors, and Windows


Up to 34% of home break-ins happen through the front door and 23% through the first-floor window. Upgrading the security features of these entry points is key in keeping your home safe. These can be done by investing a few dollars in high-quality locks and latches of gates, doors, and windows.


Installation of deadbolts to the doors also improves the safety of the doors against break-ins. Another security feature is the metallic grills which also reinforce the doors and windows as a way of keeping the bad guys out. While at it, always remember to keep the doors and windows locked when you’re away and at night.


  1.    Installing A Home Alarm Security System


Home security systems are one of the best ways to get alerts and stay informed of any unauthorized entries in your home. When buying alarm systems, you have an option go for the self-installation systems or the ones installed by alarm companies. We, however, recommend the company installed systems because they often come with on-going support.


The principle behind home alarm and monitoring systems is enabling the home-owner or the alarm company to get notified about unauthorized entry attempts and activities so that appropriate steps could be taken to apprehend the would-be burglar. Most company-installed alarm systems are generally affordable, so the cost shouldn’t be much of a worry.


  1.    Install home security cameras


Home surveillance through security cameras is among the popular technological tools you can use to keep an eye on the bad guys. These cameras come with built-in smart and proactive security features for relaying information about your home when you’re not around.


There’re both outdoor and indoor home security cameras, and some of the notable factors you need to consider when purchasing them include the cost, weather-tolerance, high definition video quality, night vision, tilt, and zoom functionalities, and mobile device remote control.


  1.    Keep Your Valuable Away From Prying Eyes


Sometimes simply storing or hiding your valuables away from prying eyes can go a long way in making you less of a target to burglars. Keeping your windows closed and curtains shut where appropriate, or using window blinders can make it difficult for potential burglars to peep into your house, identify valuables and plan their break-in.


During the break-in, burglars look for anything that they can easily grab. So keep any cash, jewelry, costly portable gadgets and important documents in a safe, or at least in a lockable cabinet that can’t be easily accessed or broken into.


  1.    Minimize the Entry of Non-Household Members into Your Home.


Burglars do their homework pretty well, and many times it’s the people you know, who know you, or who have had prior access to your home. Sometimes potential burglars will come and knock on your door pretending to be lost or seeking certain information when indeed they’re learning all about your home security features and how well-guarded your entry points are. So if your neighborhood is prone to break-ins, don’t be in a rush to let it, entertain or give away information to total strangers who show up at your doorstep seemingly from nowhere.




Home break-ins are becoming increasingly common, and from the statistics shared above, no average home is safe from these bad guys. Hopefully, the above tips will help reduce the chances of your home becoming part of the statistics. But the bottom is, security starts with you –installing home security cameras, alarms, and smart door locks is great, but only if they’re actually kept locked and monitored as often as possible.

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