5 Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

If you’re considering installing home security cameras, chances are you already know how important they’re to the safety of your family and securing your property from break-ins, burglary, and vandalism.

That said, the effectiveness of your home security cameras is as good as their placement. So knowing the best places to put your surveillance cameras is extremely important. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are our top 5 recommended locations to place your home security cameras.

1.Front Door Security Camera Positioning 

Many homeowners assume that intruders will always sneak through the back doors or side entrances. Surprisingly, about 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Additionally, removing, destroying or damaging doors is the most common way burglars access homes. So we highly recommend that you place a security camera here.

A surveillance camera at your front door will keep a record of everyone who comes in and out of your house. It will catch any burglar in action and offer critical clues to the police for further investigation.

Other than catching burglars, having a live feed video surveillance system will also allow you to see who comes in and out of your home, like kids getting home from school, repair people, package deliveries and so on.

2. Security Cameras Over Other Exterior Entries

While most burglars won’t hesitate to break into your house through the front door, they actually prefer the back doors, the garage or the basement doors. In other words, pretty much every exterior door is a potential break-in point, so you should fit each of them with a security camera.

If you have young kids who keep wondering away, consider installing a motion detection home security camera. Many models will alert you through email or text, and start recording immediately they detect movement. As an additional tip, if you’re upgrading your doors to high-security models, don’t neglect the back doors and garage.

3.Backyard Parameter Security 

The backyard often keeps valuable goodies such as the lawn equipment, bikes, machinery and other items that burglars can easily pawn for cash. Your backyard can easily offer burglars a chance to sneak into your property without being detected.

Other than enhancing your home’s security, surveillance cameras facing the backyard can also help you keep an eye on your young ones and pets. Your backyard security cameras should ideally be designed for outdoor security use and also have night vision.

4.Garage and Driveway Surveillance 

Installing a camera that faces the driveway and/or the garage will help you keep an eye on items stored in the garage such as tools, bikes, cars, sports equipment, and everyone that comes in and goes out. Having security on a detached garage will help you to keep everything connected.

If your garage is connected to the main house, a security camera means an added layer of security that will help you monitor another potential entry point. This particular camera can also be set to monitor any entry attempts through your gate if it’s at the end of the driveway.

5. Cameras In Your Home Office 

If you have a home office, chances are it’s equipped with things like laptops, phones, printers, scanners, and other electronic stuff that are easy for burglars to carry and sell. This also happens to be the place where you keep some of your very important work-related and personal documents such as banks statements, receipts, passports, certificates and awards, and so on.

 All these form a recipe for identity theft for criminals interested in those lines of mischief. So if your home office has a lot at stake, we recommend installing a surveillance camera in it.

Note: - Where NOT to place home security cameras: Laws and regulations on placement of home surveillance cameras may vary from state to state. However, you’re generally not allowed to place cameras in a way that they capture your neighbor’s property in areas that they expect privacy, e.g. bedrooms or bathrooms. The same applies in your own home –placing security cameras capturing the bedrooms and bathrooms is generally not acceptable.

Bottom line

Installing home security cameras is obviously a huge plus when it comes to enhancing your home’s security. While these list doesn’t exhaust all the possible places that you can install home surveillance cameras, it should give you some ideas depending on the size and configuration on your home.

Hiring a professional home security camera installation expert should also make things easier. They have the training, experience, tools, and know-how and can help you pick the best cameras and placement locations, and install them in a way that offers the best value.  

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