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Wired Vs Wireless Home security cameras; The Pros and Cons

Wired Vs Wireless Home security cameras; The Pros and Cons

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The use of security cameras in Caldwell has increased considerably throughout the last years across. The technological advances have resulted in the development of security systems to meet everyone’s budget, are trustworthy, and offer high protection against burglary and other threats. Security cameras can generally be classified into two categories: wired and wireless cameras.

A wired security camera, as the name suggests, uses various cables for power, surveillance, internet connection, and video recording. A wired security camera is the most traditional and widely used type of security camera, mostly on large properties that need broad coverage.

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Crucial Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Home Security Camera System

Crucial Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Home Security System

Installing a home security camera system in your Boise residents is the most convenient and effective way of keeping you and your family safe and secure.  Working 24/7 you can rest assure that your home is more secure and safe. 

If you’re in the market searching for the best home security system, or security cameras, sifting through the numerous available options might seem daunting and confusing.

With that said, the best security system is the one that makes your life more comfortable and safer, without feeling complicated or breaking your budget.

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Reason Why Your Home Internet is Slow and How to fix it.

Five Reasons Your Boise Idaho's Home Internet is Slow and How to fix it.

High speed internet provider boise Idaho

There’re many reasons why your emails are loading four times slower than they should or your Netflix keeps buffering. Well, sometimes, slow internet is the universe’s way of telling you to go play outside. Other times, the universe could just be trying to ruin your productivity and fun. Either way, a slow internet can be so annoying, but this article might just help. 

When your internet slows down, it could be a problem with your router or modem, signal strength on your cable line, Wi-Fi signal, a slow DNS server or other devices on your Boise Idaho Internet Provider network saturating your bandwidth.

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Pros and Cons of DIY Home Security Systems | Boise Idaho

Pros and Cons of DIY Home Security Camera Systems For Your Boise Idaho Home

Home Security Camera Systems Boise Idaho

Every Boise Idaho  homeowner understands the importance of keeping their home as well as family and all their valuable belongings safe from burglars and other criminal elements out to harm them. It is estimated that nearly two million burglaries are reported each year in the United States, which means that a home is broken into every 13 seconds.

Unfortunately, most homeowners have made it extremely easy for burglars to break into their homes since they do not have any type of security system installed. Criminals know this and they will often find their way into your home through the basement, garage and sometimes right through unlocked doors and windows.

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How to Deal With an Intruder in Your Home

How to stay safe when confronted with an intruder

Home Security Camera burglar

Many homeowners will prefer not to even think about home burglars –however, the best time to consider what to do in an intruder situation is probably before it occurs, don’t you agree?  Having a plan and thinking about the possible ways to confront, hide or flee from the intruder ahead of time can stop the intruder from completing their mission or at least help you avoid getting hurt.

Most burglars will break into your home to steal items that they can easily grab and run –jewelry, electronics, cash, and other small expensive items.

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5 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Home Network Installation Service

Smart Home Internet Provider Caldwell ID

A home network system is a great way to keep everything connected in your house, whether you live alone, with friends or family. A home network allows devices in your home to connect with each, making sharing files and programs a seamless task. It also streamlines your access to the internet and boosts your productivity.


But with the ever-growing number of video tutorials online, you might be wondering if you really need a professional network installer or can handle the installation on your own. Unfortunately, home network installation is a technical task, and if you don’t have the experience and tools, opening your PC to install network cards or drilling holes in your wall can be intimidating.

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Top 5 Home Security Gadgets for Your New Apartment

When it comes to protecting your home and your valuable belongings, you can never be too careful. Unfortunately, most homeowners believe that their security only gets compromised at night, but the truth is many burglaries occur during the day when its least expected. It is therefore important to find effective ways of protecting your home and family from intruders.


Installing a reliable home security system can be an expensive affair but not installing one is even more costly. Studies show that homes without a reliable security system are three times more likely to be targeted by burglars. In this article, we will look at the top 5 most efficient home security gadgets you should consider installing in your new apartment.

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Home Security Alarm and Camera Systems

5 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Security and Burglar Proof Your Home

Crime reports and statistics show that 88% of all burglaries are residential in nature. Out of these, only 13% are cleared by police due to lack of physical evidence or witnesses. It’s even more worrying to note that 3 out of 4 homes in the U.S. will be broken into within the next 20 years. These are clearly worrying statistics, and the more reason you need to burglar-proof your home.

 A secure home is a happy home. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to keep burglars away. There’re numerous inexpensive ways of keeping your homes safe from burglars, and here’re the top 5 we would like to share today.

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5 Best Places To Position Your Home Security Cameras

5 Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

If you’re considering installing home security cameras, chances are you already know how important they’re to the safety of your family and securing your property from break-ins, burglary, and vandalism.

That said, the effectiveness of your home security cameras is as good as their placement. So knowing the best places to put your surveillance cameras is extremely important. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are our top 5 recommended locations to place your home security cameras.

1.Front Door Security Camera Positioning 

Many homeowners assume that intruders will always sneak through the back doors or side entrances.

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Why Home Security Camera Systems are Better Than Gates

4 Reasons Gated Communities are Less Secure than Home Security Systems

If you live in a gated community, chances are you use a key, a code or usually wave at the friendly gateman to open the gate. Does this make your neighborhood or home more secure than homeowners using home security systems? Not necessarily.

A 2004-2011home security study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that the rate of burglaries and home invasions in gated communities is lower compared to open communities, but not by much. The study reveals that the rate of burglaries in gated communities was at 20 burglaries per 1,000 households while in non-gated communities was at 24 burglaries per 1,000 households.

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